Master of Science in Law Residency

An academic journey to Burlington

Residency Champlain’s Master of Science in Law program includes 5 days of residency at our breathtaking Burlington, Vermont, campus, overlooking majestic Lake Champlain.

Residency provides a space for rich, in-depth face-to-face practice of principles and theories through a variety of seminars with keynote speakers, workshops facilitated by MS Law faculty, academic advising, and face-to-face engagement with fellow students.

Seminars and workshops will emphasize the legal philosophy and essential practical tools used in all substantive law courses in the program, academic integrity, professional ethics, the state of (and changes to) the legal profession, and the function of the law within non-law career contexts.

You will also engage in workshops designed to deepen your understanding of your own attitudes, biases, habits, reactions and other patterns of behavior. This will allow you to become more objective in your analysis of the law and help you blend your personal style and personality into your work.

The Residency is offered twice per year, in January and May. All students must attend one Residency in order to graduate from the MSL program.

Residency allows you to put faces to names of students and faculty and transform the personal relationships you’ve built online into a face-to-face environment. It is also an opportunity to network with others with similar interests and develop lifelong connections with colleagues.

During your time on our Burlington campus, you will also take part in shared professional development sessions with students in other Champlain College graduate programs from an array of professional backgrounds.

Extend your residency, and take full advantage of your time in the beautiful City of Burlington, including dining, shopping, music, outdoor adventures, sightseeing and more.

For more details about our Residency event, please contact an Enrollment Advisor at 1-866-441-0427 (U.S. and Canada) or +1-647-723-6687 (international).