About Burlington Campus

About Burlington CampusThanks to an ideal location, you can fit a lot into each of the three days you spend on campus during residency. Burlington International Airport is an easy 15-minute ride from campus, with direct flights to key cities. You can drive to four major ski resorts in one hour, Montréal in one and a half, Boston in three and a half and New York City in five.

Inside the buildings clustered around Rozendaal Courtyard and the Lower Quad are fully wired and wireless classrooms featuring interactive whiteboards and small-group workspace, state-of-the-art multimedia labs, and individual digital video and audio labs. Outside are Craftsman-style architectural touches and brick walkways that blend in with our picturesque neighborhood. Our campus is filled with idyllic spots — relax on a quiet bench or just lay back in the grass or power up your laptop during your stay here.

Residency on campus:

  • People are intense about their work but easy-going with each other
  • Students and teachers are on a first-name basis
  • Opportunities to lead and work in teams
  • Participate in an interactive scavenger hunt with your peers