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Welcome to Champlain College's
online Master of Science in Law program

A set of tools to advance your career

Champlain’s Master of Science in Law (MSL) degree was the first broadly focused and in-depth graduate law program in the United States. Created to help professionals from all industries think and act confidently in the legal dimensions of their work, our program provides students with a solid understanding of various aspects of the law as it impacts their work.

Designed for focused professionals

MSL students are CEOs, small-business owners, paralegals, healthcare and social workers, contractors, teachers, government employees and other professionals. The 36-credit program covers the most relevant workplace issues, including:

  • legal language and analysis
  • contracts
  • business records security
  • information privacy
  • litigation
  • constitutional issues
  • regulatory law
  • liability
  • labor and employment law

Practical skills you will use in your career

Whether you’re in business, manufacturing, health services or another field, this program will help you develop the skills to work confidently with lawyers and the law. As a graduate, you’ll be taught the skills to:

  • Find and interpret laws affecting business activity
  • Identify and handle situations with legal implications
  • Keep problems from escalating to the point where legal counsel is required
  • Converse with lawyers, using legal terminology and concepts, to make the most effective use of your legal counsel

You’ll study legal language and analysis, contracts, information privacy, litigation, constitutional issues, regulatory law, liability and alternative dispute resolution. Specialized courses focus on management, human resources, intellectual property and healthcare and will expand your understanding of the law. You’ll have a manageable workload with one class at a time and six terms annually in the year-round curriculum. Most students complete the program in two years. The required three-day, on-campus residency is a combination of lectures, workshops and networking with faculty and other students, and provides you with critical skills that apply directly to your current work situation.

Demystifying the Law

Located in the state known for its commitment to civil society, harmonious problem solving and cutting-edge developments in sustainable business, Champlain College is pleased to introduce you to our unique Master of Science in Law program, a robust higher education alternative.

Our passion is educating non-lawyers about the law; in a highly regulated world dependent on its rule, the law is too important to be understood by only a few specialists. We see the law not as a set of rules, but a set of tools – tools to help you improve your work and enhance your career.

Champlain College is accredited by the New England Association of Schools & Colleges (NEASC).

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